Climate Change

Climate Change

Hi there, this article is a complete overview on Climate Change and here i will discuss with you about the facts, news, causes and effects of Climate Change and also about some new and awesome inventions.

Also I will  discuss about my opinion on Climate Change and how you as an individual can deal with climate change and believe me this article is very interesting and important.

So stay tuned and its a humble request please go through with my opinion at least once and follow that to make the world green and clean. So let’s get started and Happy reading !


What is Weather ?

Weather is the day to day changes of atmospheric conditions in a particular place and time.

For example : – Suppose today in the morning it was quite sunny and now in the evening the weather is cloudy.

Therefore weather changes very quickly and climate changes every 30-35 years.

What is Climate Change ?

Climate Change is the change of weather conditions in a particular area.

Basically climate change is the long term changes of average weather patterns in a particular area and this long term change is usually seen after every 30 -35 years.

Climate Change is one of the biggest issues in all over the world just like use of plastics is also a very big issue. Therefore to deal with this we have to be aware so let’s get started.

                                                                                Climate Change


We all know the consequences of climate change and what problems currently we are dealing with. Therefore first of all i will discuss the causes and effects of climate change and then the facts and at last what can we do as an individual to fight against it.


At this time, Climate Change is at the top of the discussion and Climate change have left no one with its effect and hence all the : –

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • We humans and
  • Even the abiotic things and
  • Rest all others are the victims of climate change.

So now the question is : Why Climate Change is affecting everyone ?

It is affecting everyone due to change in Earth’s natural parameters and these parameters are : –

  1. Change in Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. Precipitation
  4. Change in Pressure ( Air, wind and water )
  5. Huge amount of Carbon in the atmosphere.
  6. Change in Land use.
  7. Disturbance of the Ecosystems.
  8. Melting of Glaciers
  9. Rapid Global Warming
  10. Change in wind and monsoon patterns.
  11. Change in Ocean currents and Ocean Acidification.
  12. Change in the amount of tress.
  13. Higher Pollution levels and many more.

                                                                              Climate Change

Another question is : – How Climate Change occurred at this rate ?

Yup climate change have occurred at this rate due to human dominance on nature and this is because we humans lack discipline and determination.

Actually it started to rise at a very high rate soon after Industrialization period started and it was somewhere after 1850’s.

We humans tried to dominate the nature and today we can see the results of such abnormal behaviour.

But Still the question is why at this rate ?

The Climate change’s graph is rising day by day and all this happened due to human interference and at this rate because of : –

  • High amount of Carbon in the atmosphere and carbon footprint.
  • We are consuming so much of Non-Renewable Resources.
  • Many people changed from vegan to non-vegan. 
  • The livestock industries are one of the biggest contributors to climate change and this is because we are consuming too much of dairy and meat products.
  • Rapid Deforestation and it caused rise in Global Warming.
  • Change in Global temperature.
  • Contamination of Air, Water and Soil i.e rise in pollution levels.

                                                                  Climate Change


Climate Change is a serious matter and all the people, scientists who are studying environment and the Governments from all over the world are now trying and doing their best to fight against it and now we have seen many great Eco-Friendly inventions which will help us in many ways.

 Some Environment Friendly Inventions

There are so many great environment friendly inventions and some of them are : –

  1. Sustainable houses made from Plastic bottles.
  2. Tiles for growing mini plants
  3. Life-Straw and this straw can turn dirty water into clean water by acting against Bacteria and Protozoa.
  4. Refrigerators made up of Clay and this is really a great invention.
  5. Lamps to grow plants.



I hope you are not getting bored because now the information which i will provide you is very interesting and very important and below i am sharing some interesting facts, news and how you alone can fight and beat Climate Change.

Happy Reading and stay tuned !

But before going to facts, news and the great steps taken by various countries to improve the quality of environment lets discuss the factors, causes and the effects of climate change.

Causes Of Climate Change

Some of the causes are : –

  • Human activities.
  • Emission of Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere via industries and vehicles.
  • Burning of fossil fuels.
  • Ingnoring the use of renewable sources of energy.
  • Overpopulation
  • Changing wind and monsoon patterns.
  • Global Warming

Natural Causes of Climate Change

  1. Volcanic Eruptions
  2. Variation in Earth’s Orbit.
  3. Natural Disasters
  4. Solar Irradiance – It is the rate at which the solar energy falls on the surface of the Earth and here we can measure the solar power.

                                                                      Climate Change

Factors Affecting Climate Change

Many factors are affecting Climate Change and some of them are : –

  1. Quality of Soil since every soil have a different structure and composition and trees grow on soil.
  2. Global Warming as the temperature is rising at a high rate.
  3. Change in wind and monsoon patterns.
  4. Human Activities
  5. Distance of land from sea.
  6. Ocean Currents – They affect the coastal regions greatly. Warm ocean current when passes through coastal areas makes the climate warm and vice versa.
  7. Amount of Forest Area
  8. Latitude : – The more the latitude degree the more cool will be the climate since sun rays fall vertically. That’s why Equators are hotter than Polar regions.

                                                                Climate Change

Effects Of Climate Change

Some of the effects are : –

  • It affects our oceans and also the organisms living there.
  • Affects Agriculture.
  •  Yes it affects our health.
  • Causes Global warming and it affects our planet.
  • It causes pollution.
  • Causes various natural disasters like floods , landslide and many more.
  • Affects our standard of living and we may suffer from loss of property and habitat.
  • Climate Change is causing rapid loss of various species of plants and animals.

Now we are stepping into the most interesting part of the article. Stay Tuned !

                                                                      Climate Change


  1. After 1950’s, 2014 and 2016 both the years have been recorded as the warmest years but 2016 was the hottest.
  2. Climate Change is there since the beginning of the Earth.
  3. The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere today is just like what it was 3-4 million years ago and it is quite dangerous for our environment.
  4. Deforestation have already caused 11% of GHG ( Greenhouse Gas ) emissions all over the world.
  5. Climate Change affects all the Biotic and Abiotic components.
  6. The Climate Change affects all the parameters present on Earth like Temperature, Pressure, Precipitation etc.
  7. Summers in Arctic region will be ice-free by 2050.
  8. Average sea level will rise by 2-3 feet by the end of this century.
  9. The U.S contributes for nearly 20-25% of GHG emissions.
  10. Climate Change affects the ecosystems on Earth.
  11. Burning waste on Landfills and woods on forests generates a lot of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere which impacts the climate change.
  12. Amazon forest in South America is a carbon storing powerhouse.
  13. People consume plastic particles per week which are equal to the size of a credit card.
  14. Greenland lost 2 Billion tons of ice this week ( 12 june 2019 to 19 june 2019 ).
  15. People consume nearly 50,000 plastic particles every year.
  16. The average temperature of our planet has increased by 1.5 degree F and it is expected to rise upto 8.7 degree F by 2150.


Some Great Steps Taken By Various Countries To Improve The Quality Of Environment

Since climate change is at the top of the discussion and it is affecting everyone on this planet many countries are doing their best to deal with it.

  1. Costa Rica almost doubled the size of Rainforests in a generation say within 50-50 years.
  2. Canada is going to ban single use of plastics by 2021.
  3. 633 Divers set world record for cleaning the ocean floor of Deerfield Beach in Florida,USA.
  4. South Asian countries are using Banana leaves and paper bags instead of plastic bags and plastic packaging in stores like in Thailand and Vietnam and many more.
  5. China is going to build a city which will work completely on renewable energies to deal with Climate Change, Toxic wastes and Global Warming.
  6. Canada passes ‘ Free Willy Bill ‘ by banning Whales and Dolphins  Captivity. So this is really great news for the aquatic world.
  7. The Pacific Islands are doing everything to protect the environment and they have observed positive impacts on Climate Change and they have been promoting and using renewable energy.
  8. In Philippines, now you have to plant minimum 10 trees in order to graduate thus it will help them to promote afforestation.
  9. G20 Countries agreed to tackle ocean plastic waste and plastic pollution.


Now we all know the consequences of climate change but let’s look at the reality check data and this data is what we will face very soon if we do not pay attention to the environment.

  • Global sea levels will rise by 2-3 feet within 2070.
  • The levels of CO2 today in the atmosphere are just like what it was about 5 million years ago.
  • Temperatures are expected to rise by 2-3 Degree Celsius in all over the world by 2100.
  • Rising sea levels with cause flooding and migration of so many animals and humans and also we will lose so much of our biodiversity.
  • It is causing serious health issues and therefore we must deal with it as soon as possible.

What Can We Do As An Individual To Deal With Climate Change And To Save The Environment ?

Just like every single drop of water makes an ocean similarly if each and every individual starts to take actions against climate change then we can again make this world clean and beautiful with so much of peace and happiness all around the world.

The actions we must take to deal with climate change are : –

  1. Reuse and Recycle more. So this will save a lot of resources.
  2. You should now therefore go for vegan options .This is because we are consuming so much of meat and dairy products ( livestock industry ) which are one of the biggest contributors of Climate Change.
  3. Therefore we must try to eat more and more vegetables and fruits rather than dairy products and meat. 
  4. Also please avoid plastics and instead use paper bags. This is because paper bags are easily biodegradable and plastics took 1000’s of years to degrade.
  5. Buy locally grown and locally made products. This is because they are good for our health and buying locally grown foods will not lead to any extra transportation charges. This is because we need fuel to transport the foods which is a Non-Renewable Resource
  6. Avoid packaged goods.
  7. Please unplug unused electronics as it saves a lot of electricity.
  8. Plant more and more trees.
  9. Also please remember to avoid unnecessary usage of vehicles and therefore prefer bicycles or walking as they are pollution free.
  10. Use Eco-friendly products and help the environment.
  11. Support the use of renewable energy.


I have a great idea but for that each one of you have to contribute for this project.

So Plant atleast once a week. So in that way you can plant 4 plants/trees every month and nearly 50 plants/trees a year.

Now suppose in each and every city even if 1 Lakh people follow this therefore in that way we can have nearly 50 Lakh trees in every city all around the world.

So in big cities like Delhi ( with a population of 2 crores ) suppose 5 lakh people follow this then we can have 2-3 crore trees every year and planting once a week hardly takes 10 minutes so why not to contribute for nature.

Therefore it is my request to you all to plant atleast once a week and anywhere you like and please avoid plastics please. Instead of plastics use Paper bags and Reusable bags.


So now think over that if we have so many trees with lots of fruits hanging over the roads then the poor people will not starve anymore.

This is because they will be gifted with so many trees and with so many fruits hanging out there and this is our responsibility to plant more and more trees.

Comment down who will help me in this major project and yes do this for yourself and therefore in the end you will be happy when you will see your trees to be grown up and we all will get clean air.


So to achieve sustainable development we have to deal with climate change and also with so many other factors.

Therefore it is a serious issue and we have to do something about it but we have to be more fast since we lack time and many ecosystems, species and all the other biotic and abiotic factors are already struggling against it.

But just the fact is that we have to change our lifestyle and we can contribute by : –

  • Reusing and Recycling goods
  • Planting more and more trees
  • Supporting renewable energy
  • We can also use environment friendly products.Therefore in the end it will be beneficial for our planet only.

Yes that’s all we can do but think over if everyone starts doing this then what will be the future of the Earth ?

So my friends it will be bright with lots of peace and happiness and we will have so much of greenery in the end so after reading my post start taking actions. This is because we have to protect tour environment and therefore we have to provide a better future to our future generations.




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  1. Céline

    Nice 🙂 good first start.
    If I may add a comment to your work: your review of climate change contributors are lacking one of the biggest contributor to global greenhouse gases, water pollution and loss of biodiversity : the livestock industry (meat and dairy industry).
    Grazing and feeding animals for human consumption is the most single biggest cause of deforestation in the world – it takes an enormous amount of water to grow crops for animals to eat, clean filthy factory farms, and give animals water to drink. A single cow used for milk can drink up to 50 gallons of water per day—or twice that amount in hot weather—and it takes 683 gallons of water to produce just 1 gallon of milk. It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef, while producing 1 pound of tofu only requires 244 gallons of water.
    In 2018, Meat and dairy companies were on track -as per numbers – to be the world’s biggest contributors to climate change, outpacing even the fossil fuel industry.
    The vast majority of the deforested Amazon forest has been cut for cattle grazing or to plant unicrop destined to feed cattle.
    What can one do everyday to reduce climate change impact of our lives ? The biggest impact is to reduce/eliminate animal products. Reducing meat and dairy has been studied as the most impacting act one person can do to reduce your carbon/water footprint.
    You can find many ressources online, including the UN and FAO studies made on the subject with all the stats.

    Keep up the good job 🙂

    1. shivammroyy

      Celine thanks a lot for this comment.I will add your point in my post and i think going vegan is a good choice for us and yes if you have read my opinion then please plant trees and also tell your friends to do that. Just like what’s happening in Amazon we do not want it to happen in all over the world we need to have dense forests to combat climate change. I have read few of your articles and you are doing a great job.Wishing you the best.
      Have A Nice Day

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      Thanks a lot for such a valuable comment. I hope i can provide you with such type of posts again and again. Have a Nice Day. Cheers !

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